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Boisé Mistral


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  • Saint-Colomban,
  • Québec, Canada
Construction Perth Laurentides

Town planning
City of Saint-Colomban

Developer requirements

Bungalow: Living area of 1200 square feet excluding the garage. Facade must have a minimum of 30 feet Cottage: Living area of 1450 square feet. Facade must have a minimum of 26 feet.

The outer cover of the house

  • Bungalow: 40% masonry on the facade and the rest of the facade in wood (CanExel, Maibec).
  • Cottage: 40% masonry on the facade and the rest of the facade in wood (CanExel, Maibec).

Plan du Boisé Mistral

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Building at the Boisé Mistral

The Boisé Mistral is a privileged place in Saint-Colomban to build a brand new home. Close to neigboorhood schools, university, college, hospital, golf courses and train transport, it is a prized sector for nature loving new home builders.

Worthy of an enchanted forest in Saint-Colomban, the Boisé Mistral is a place where you can observe a beautiful variety of birds and lush trees.

Located very close to Highway 15 and Highway 158, this project is surrounded by new schools and amenities to make your trips easier.

Sugested model


Surface area

  • 1330 s.f.

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Chardonneret new houses

Sugested model


Surface area

  • 1248 s.f.

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Surface area

  • 1102 s.f.

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