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New construction

Geai Bleu

Surface area

  • Ground floor 1021 s.f.
  • Garage (option) 220 s.f.

are infinite!

There’s so much different possibility when it comes to building a new home. We present you different home models and styles, but keep in mind that these are propositions and that dimensions, divisions and extensions can be changed or manipulated to fit your needs. Submit us your requirements and expectations and we will provide you with the counseling and the design of your dream home.

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Suggested layout

new house floor plan geai-bleu
new house geai-bleu


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Construction Perth Inc. has been building new homes for more than 15 years. We built our company around a great team and the success of our new home building enterprise is based on our client’s satisfaction. Over time, Construction Perth received the « Palme d’or Maître Constructeur » prize for its residential construction projects. We are here to make your dream home projects come true. Take advantage of our wide selection of the best lands acquired with years of partnership with the local promoters.

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