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One of Mr. Sylvain Perth’s passion, the owner, is the ancestral homes restoration. Ancestral building renovation constraints’ and peculiarities are numerous, Mr. Perth. has an extensive experience and a strong grasp on how to manage them.

Getting yourself into such an experience is not that easy. You must be aware of complexities share of this kind of projects. You should invest yourself in time and money but, above all, you must respect the rules of historical restoration and preserve the ancestral imprint of the house.

The experience of a professional team

Having successfully completed several, interior and exterior, ancestral building renovation projects in the past years, Perth Construction's experienced professionals are able to bring heritage or ancestral buildings up to date, while preserving their yesteryear cachet.

Whether renovating and restoring a whole house or specific rooms, such as ancestral kitchens or bathrooms, we can take care of all your ancestral renovations, from the smallest to the largest.

Follow the rules and planning importance

Construction Perth will take care of all the necessary steps to your ancestral restoration works completion.

Request information from your municipality

Before any actions, first and foremost, you must check with your municipality if the building to be restored has a special status.

If it turns out that it is classified as a heritage building, you must be prepared to have a very rigorous follow-up by the municipality because very precise rules must be followed literally. Indeed, if necessary, the works may be done with the coordination of architectural heritage safeguarding department (s).

Support and financial assistance

Several municipalities also offer subsidies to assist owners who wish to maintain the heritage character of their residence. Find out more about the offered programs in your city.

Logical sequencing and execution

Once all the rules to follow are known, Construction Perth will oversee establishing a priorities list to proceed renovations to be carried out. Our team will do a home exploration visit to: determine the scope of the work to be done, establish a logical sequence in the execution of the work, and provide you with the project cost estimate.

Common ancestral buildings renovations:

Insulation and heating

Old houses are often poorly insulated and thermally not very comfortable. During renovations, the roof, the walls and the basement should be insulated.

Then, with our professionals’ team, it is necessary to design the house heating system. By that time, and where applicable, fireplaces can be restored and converted to gas, hot water radiators can be restored and turned on more efficiently.


When renovating an ancestral home, you can expect to rebuild completely the basement. The basement redevelopment, often and originally built on the clay and at mid-height, brings several advantages:

  • Building foundations solidification and straightening
  • Recovery and development of unusable space
  • Drainage optimization and aeration

Interior Design and fittings

With our designers and developers team help’s, the interior layout of the house can be completely redesigned to meet your needs. For example, a laundry room can be integrated into the home plan, or some rooms may be remodeled or insulated.

In this step, you will be accompanied and advised by our expert’s team in order to make the right decisions according to your budget and your tastes.

Outdoor layout and design

The exterior aspect of the house must not be neglected. Our team of designers and developers master several solutions and tricks that will allow your home to regain all its luster and its original brilliance.

Whether it's for roof, verandah or staircase replacing, our team experience will allow you to conserve the yesteryear character of your home.

Old materials restoration or reproduction

Construction Perth deals with experts and specialized professionals team, they can manage to reproduce with precision and agility all the old materials used to build your ancestral home. Thanks to our cabinetmakers, the original well-preserved materials can be restored to regain their brilliance. The result is almost identical and spectacular.

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