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Renovation and house extension


Renovation and house extension services

Construction Perth is the experts grouping that will allow you to avoid hassles, while ensuring you the adequate planning and the greater overall coordination with the progress of all the works you want to perform. Everything will take place according to the trade rules, without any improvisation and surprise.

Construction Perth has the necessary experience and are committed to assist you from the beginning to the end of your projects.

Everything is performed in several steps

  1. A Perth Constructions Consultant will come to your home to evaluate your needs and assess the inherent costs of your project.
  2. He will guide you in presenting your expansion / renovation / modernization project, to your municipality.
  3. Once your project has been accepted by the municipality, your plans and materials choices will be finalized.
  4. Then comes the step of a precise and detailed evaluation of your works.
  5. Once the kick-off is launched, the execution and the coordination of your works can begin.

Experiences, Certifications and Insurance

Construction Perth has all the certifications and insurance allowing you to carry out your renovation works with confidence, while respecting your budget and your projects deadlines.

Construction Perth will accompany you and will take care of all the necessary steps to the execution and the realization of your home expansion, renovation or modernization projects.

Thanks to its team of professionals, Construction Perth will be able to draw up plans and quotes, study your environment and analyze the legal or budgetary constraints of your projects.

You will see, the materials you want and have chosen, bring to life each rooms of your house as imagined.

Construction Perth is, unequivocally, the partner of choice to orchestrate the realization of your major renovation projects.

Contractor services

House renovation, expansion and modernization

Several reasons lead homeowners to renovate their homes as for examples modernization, making its more spacious, more functional or increasing its market value.

We often think of transforming an already existing house component, in our home, such as finishing the basement, converting the back gallery into a solarium or a veranda, renovating the kitchen, the bathroom, or the rooms floors.

Here are a few examples of wide ranging projects types, in which Perth Constructions can accompany you:

  • Basement addition.
  • Second floor addition.
  • Adding a backyard extension.
  • Construction of a garage or an extension.
  • Construction of a room above the garage.
  • Transforming a single-family house into a bigenerational house (intergenerational)

Whatever the nature of your project, you should seek the services of construction and renovation professionals. Construction Perth team’s is available for you.

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Contractor services

Exterior renovation :
Balcony, Terraces, Verandas

Quebec climate imposes changes and materials damages in, verandas, terraces or balconies structures. They are the result of drastic changes in temperature. Indeed, these structures are not spared, whether constructed of wood or concrete. The wood crumbles, moistens to the point of being preyed upon by mushrooms and, regarding concrete, it damages, changes color and disintegrates.

Undertaking to renovate by yourself this kind of works requires a lot of time and money, and it is a very big investment not to spoil. Doing it hastily and without knowledge will shorten the lifetime of this beautiful project.

You will be able to entrust your work to Construction Perth experts team.

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Transforming your home into a bigenerational or intergenerational home

Construction Perth can radically transform your home to house under one roof, but in separate units, the same family members, while respecting their intimacy and privacy.

Construction Perth will be responsible for evaluating and targeting your needs in a way that creates a completely private and functional spaces, where their respective occupants feel comfortable, while maintaining the appearance of a conventional or unique residence.

Our mission is to create a comfortable place that will make the lives of its occupants enjoyable and peaceful.

It is necessary to consider and plan the needs that may arise in a near future. For example, ensure an adequate quality of life for aging relatives or with loss of autonomy as well as allow access to the property to young adults ready to ensure their autonomy.

Construction Perth will provide you with talented designers who have expertise in this type of expansion. They will consider all the needs of future and current occupants and will provide the solutions that fulfill all of them.

Construction Perth will do so, according to, and respecting a previously established budget.

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