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New construction


Surface area

  • Left Side #1566 s.f.
  • Right Side #1118 s.f.

are infinite!

There’s so much different possibility when it comes to building a new home. We present you different home models and styles, but keep in mind that these are propositions and that dimensions, divisions and extensions can be changed or manipulated to fit your needs. Submit us your requirements and expectations and we will provide you with the counseling and the design of your dream home.

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Suggested layout

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new house genevrier

Income houses, Genévrier
Do you wish to own both your own home and earn an additionnal income? A profitable house of remarkable quality. Divided into two parts: a very large 5 ½ and a large 4 ½, this house will make you feel at home in your own environment while providing other advantages. This housing contains a half-basement, good soundproofing and large windows. This home is the solution to your needs.


Perth home builders


Perth home builders


Construction Perth inc. founded in 1998. This family business was built around a professional team meticulous craftsman, a team of designer and excellent and after market service. We accumulate multiple client word of mouth over the years. Construction Perth received the prestigious prize of the ‘Palme platine Maître Constructors’ for his work in residential buildings.

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